Do your due diligence

One of the most important steps in launching a new business is doing proper due diligence and one of the best ways to do that is to speak with current and past business owners.

Seriously considering the purchase of a Jim’s Mowing franchise? All our prospective franchisees receive the contact numbers of all our franchisees, past and present, and have the opportunity to speak to one and all.

“This year my goal is to make money, next year is spend more time at home with family. It’s probably the best thing you get out of it!”



“The best thing about being a Jim is controlling our own schedule!”


“I think the platform’s really good, a lot of help, a lot of advice. If you really need any help with quotes there’s a lot of people to help you out. It’s quite great like that… and the brand is really cool too!”


“It’s about lifestyle, it’s about being in charge of my own destiny. I know it sounds cheesy but that’s what it is. I’m a 43 year old man, and I’m in charge of myself.”


“The greatest benefit I got from being a Jim is the lifestyle I was able to give to me and my family.

We set our own destiny, working as hard as we want.”



“It’s all about quality of life, right? Take a vacation when you like, take kids at school when I like…

I always get to see my family and be the boss.”


“We enjoy working together as a team. We find that a lot of our customers really appreciate that!”


I bought a Jim Mowing franchise in October 2019, and I have no regrets!

I got the support, training, ongoing business advice and strategies that I needed. Despite personal adversities in a rainy October, I finished 2019 with an average monthly income higher than the previous job.


Jim’s Mowing Aloha Estates (Surrey)


Jim’s Mowing (Maple Ridge)

My name is Gerry. I come from a background in Finance, Computer work and Truck driving. I worked for someone else in these positions. Doing this made me miss a lot of my children’s monumental moments when they were younger. These positions would not give me the flexibility to take time off when needed to attend a birthday, parent teacher meetings, sports games, doctor’s appointments etc…..

At the age of 35, I decided enough is enough. What Jim’s Mowing has given me is time. Time to meet my family obligations. I’m the boss. I decide when I work and when I do not. I make yards look better and the compliments give me a sense of accomplishment. I have time for holidays and spending quality time with my family. That is what it is all about. Not just time but quality time. I made a choice to have a long weekend every weekend. Why? Because I can. I decide my income, I decide my time.

The leadership in this organization has helped me along to succeed as a business owner with no previous business experience. What are you waiting for?

I purchased my Jim’s Mowing franchise in March 2005. I spent a good chunk of my working life in various areas of the oil industry from production in the boonies of northern Alberta, to refineries in the lower mainland, and finally to a cushy office job scheduling pipeline shipments. After being offered a transfer to Calgary in 1999, my career as a stay-at-home dad lasted until Jim’s Mowing fell into my lap.

I met the regional franchisor at a Franchise Expo and never thought about it again until he called about a year later. I can’t believe I’m about to embark on my 15th year. Being a Jim has given me the flexibility to be there for my kids in their formative years. I can work when I want and where I want.

The nature of the work has kept me young and in great physical health. The system works and I’m never lacking for work. I’m looking forward to the future. The Jim’s Mowing brand will be the most recognizable brand here just as it is in Australia.


Jim’s Mowing (Vancouver) Franchisee since 2005


Jim’s Mowing (White Rock) Franchisee since 2004

After 25 years in the kitchen as a French trained chef it was time for a change from the unsociable hours so jumped on the idea of being my own boss in a completely different type of work.

I purchased my Jim’s Mowing Franchise in 2004 and haven’t looked back since. Being my own boss with no set hours has been terrific, being outside all the time in the fresh air I very rarely get sick.

The entire system has been great for me and in the last few years it has taken huge leaps in a very positive way with marketing and general management of the brand.

I recently received my Gold Jim’s Mowing logos for 15 years’ service to put on my trailer and couldn’t be more proud of myself with what I’ve achieved. My son came on board 6 years ago and now we work together 90% of the time which has been a blessing and our income has increased substantially.

Can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing other than laying on a beach somewhere with a cold beer in hand. LOL (I get that opportunity more often now being my own boss, well except from the wife HAHA).

I was determined to have a lifestyle and a career change in 2019, but not sure what to do. My master education in mining, engineering respect and glamour of my nor my job were not giving me the financial rewards and quality lifestyle I was looking for, so I quit my job.

Opportunities were available, and I did inquire about them, but they were mostly in remote cities and counties, but the financial rewards would come to the detriment of family life, mental and emotional health.

My mind was bombarded with questions like: What am I going to do now? How can I support myself and my family? Should I pursue higher education degrees? Would a higher paying job bring me the quality of life I was looking for? What type of work can I do locally that is financially rewarding, offers flexible hours and that I could be my own boss?

Praying while driving I came across a Jim’s Mowing trailer with the wording: Franchise available. Please call 310 JIMS”.

I knew immediately that opportunity was heavenly sent!

But prior to committing myself, I had to feed my intellect with facts, numbers, personal experience (can my body handle the physical work?). So, I did a serious inquiry about this business opportunity.

I bought a Jim Mowing franchise in October 2019, and I have no regrets!

I got the support, training, ongoing business advice and strategies that I needed. Despite personal adversities in a rainy October, I finished 2019 with an average monthly income higher than the previous job.

The forward-looking business opportunities are highly promising and motivating.


Jim’s Mowing (Langley)


Jim’s Mowing (White Rock)

After 20 years in middle management (AKA The Salt Mines) it was time for a lane change and at the tender age of 56 I bought myself a Jim’s Mowing franchise in 2016 (a well-established turn key business).

The Franchise has given me and my family the much needed flexibility that a young family needs along with great earning potential! (with 8-10 weeks holidays). Never mind I’m in the best shape of my life at 60!!

Peter and his team have done a great job with “The Brand “ and the future looks bright for the Jim’s Team… could not be happier with my investment..

My first job was grass cutting with the city of Calgary, I looked after 4 blocks of city parks. Next I worked in the wholesale propane industry, moving to the propane retail industry, training in many different jobs. In 1986 I came to lower mainland to visit my parents and see expo.

Shortly after, I moved to Coquitlam and started working for myself in late 1986. Owning several businesses, the first an Old Fashion Belgium Chocolate Shoppe Next came an Old Fashion Candy and Gourmet Popcorn Store. Both were in the Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver. Sixteen years in retail working 363 days a year and 68 hours a week. I was bored!

With a growing family and being tired of working in North Vancouver, I began looking for my next venture. I came across a company called Jim’s Mowing. A few phone calls and 3 days later, I bought a Jim’s Mowing Franchise. Having come from a background of yard maintenance and grass cutting at the very start of my working life, I decided to return to my roots. My older brother Tom worked with me twice in previous jobs, in year 4 he came out on the weekend a couple of times. It wasn’t long before he asked to join me working again together, that was 13 years ago.

This spring will be my 18th season with Jim’s Mowing. I like the work a lot so the job is something that I still enjoy. How many people get up daily and like going to work? Best of all I work between 1 to 12 minutes from our home in Coquitlam.


As part of our disclosure process you’ll get the opportunity to speak with all of our franchisees. We are truly an open book.

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