It’s All About Lifestyle

Set your own schedule

Are you looking for the flexibility to pick your children up after school? Or having the time to take them to sports? Would you only like to work 3-4 days a week to supplement your income or retirement? Single moms or dads with shared custody can work less hours when they have their children and more hours when they don’t. Too young at heart to “retire” and sit at home bored. Love gardening to relax? Use your Jim’s Franchise to fill your day with pleasant work that relaxes you.

Choose your own Jobs

Hate going up ladders? Don’t. Love planting flowers and tending garden beds? Do more of that. Like building fences and decks, hardscaping, excavating? You get the idea…do more of what you love, none of what you don’t. Jim’s Mowing Franchisees have full autonomy to do only the jobs they enjoy. You’re the boss, so you might as well do what you enjoy.

Set your own Prices!

At Jim’s Mowing we believe in fair pricing for outstanding work and great service. Our Franchisees are always expected to price fairly, but because of our ongoing training, insurance and WCB costs, and because we always pay our employees fair living wages, we are not usually the lowest-cost provider. Our goal is to always provide the best value to our customers, not the lowest prices. Our customers know they are getting the best value for their money, and that’s why we have serviced over 50,000 customers in the past 22 years in BC alone.

Stay Fit

Jim’s Mowing Franchisees are healthy and fit. Our new Franchisees usually need two sets of uniforms, one set when they start, and one set a few months later. We like to call this the “Jim’s Diet”, even though there’s no diet.

More time with family. More time for vacations. Just more time.

What’s the old saying? Those with time don’t have money, and those with money don’t have time. Well, with a Jim’s Mowing Franchise that’s a thing of the past. All our Franchisees make over 6-figure incomes in 10 months of the year. Plenty of time for family, even if it’s month-long family vacations with the whole brood.

What’s it like being a Jim? A Day in the Life:

Jim’s Mowing Franchisees purchase their territories and operate their businesses within minutes of their homes. No traffic, no bridges, no stress. Franchisees start their days, and end their days, when they like. And they spend time in between doing all the jobs they love, and none of the jobs they don’t.

What about the weather?

We work our schedules around the weather, and we almost never work in the heavy rain because it slows us down too much and that affects profitability. What about the winter? The 2 worse months of the year, January and February, we’re off, and we love it!  Why? because we made way more than enough money to support our winter months off. Don’t like sitting around or the winter heat in Mexico? (are you kidding!?) Well, ok then, take on ice and snow contracts and supplement your income even more.

As part of our disclosure process you’ll get the opportunity to speak with all of our franchisees. We are truly an open book.

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