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Could Delta really use another lawn mowing franchise?

Absolutely! Based on our successful Franchise model worldwide, Delta, with a population of over 107,270, already has 1 very successful Jim’s Mowing franchisees and has the potential for over 11 successful Jim’s Mowing franchisees.

How strong is the Jim’s Brand in BC? In 2022, our best year ever, we turned away over 3,000 of our 12,000 new customers leads (more than 1 in 4)  because our current number Jim’s Mowing franchisees franchisees across BC simply couldn’t meet demand.

Comparatively, Delta with 107,270 people only has 1 lawn mowing franchise

With a population of 107,270 people, Delta has the potential for 11+ more franchises. This is a fantastic opportunity to jump into a very underserved market and do business under an iconic BC Brand with an excellent reputation and over 25 years of goodwill!

With Jim’s Mowing the more trailers we have in a market the more business we get, so our franchisees are always looking for good new franchisees to join them and build demand. More trailers equals more advertising, and more advertising equals more business for all!

City Population  Metro Franchisees Current Franchisees Needed
Courtenay/Comox, BC,  BC 48,917 2 5+
Maple Ridge,  BC 89,865 7 9+
Delta, BC 107,270 1 11+

Is there a lot of lawn mowing franchise competition in Delta?

Jim’s Mowing is the recognized premium landscape and gardening services provider in British-Columbia. Our customers are not bargain hunters looking to spend the least money possible without concern for value or quality. Those kind of customers call the “no-name” independents, usually on Craigslist, never sure who and what they are going to get. The best customers are always looking for Jim’s Mowing uniformed and background checked franchisees, the best work, fair prices, outstanding value, and timely communication.

Regardless of the number of small independent “no-name” contractors in a given market, they really do not represent any real competition for us.

Buying a Mowing Franchise in Delta: Who is The Perfect Jim & Lawn Mowing Franchisee?

If you’re optimistic and willing to learn, you could join our Delta franchisees and leverage the goodwill and brand recognition that we have been building across BC for over 25 years.

Our franchisees all earn between $150,000 and $2.2 Million per year, and the more trailers we have on the road the more income we all make. Why step into a new business as a “nobody” when you can join the largest and most recognized home and garden services providers in the world for tens of thousands less than what you would spend advertising to build your own brand?

Over 40% of our leads come from our iconic branded vehicles, and that’s really hard to duplicate without a fleet.

The more franchisees and trailers we have in a given market, the more business we get. Our trailers act like television commercials, the more often they’re seen, the more likely a customer is to call us when they need a reputable landscaper.

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Franchising Means Security

Data suggests that over 90% of independent businesses fail in the first 1-4 years, even with plenty of customers.

Businesses fail for many reasons, most often for lack of capitalization and weak branding; but also lack of systems, weak coaching and support, and lack of budget and inability to advertise cost effectively.

Franchising gives new business owners the branding, advertising, coaching, systems and support to increase their odds of success exponentially. For over 30 years Jim’s has been helping thousands of new entrepreneurs launch their home services businesses and achieve success. As of November 2023, we have over 5,000 franchisees worldwide.

In Canada, Jim’s centralized call centre in Delta, BC manages all new customer calls to 310-JIMS and distributes new customer leads to franchisees across the Province. We generated over 12,000 new customers for our franchisees in 2022 and we had to turn over 3,000 of them  away (more than 1 in 4) because we simply did not have enough franchisees to meet demand.

Our fleet of branded vehicles and our advertising expertise generates a steady stream of new business for our franchisees, and our systems, coaching and support  allows our franchisees to build their businesses consistently operate at the highest level.

Sure, you could buy a pickup and a lawn mower and launch your business…but then what? Branding? Advertising? Marketing? Systems and technology? That’s where we come in…and why Jim’s franchisees earn on average 2-3 times more than the average Lawn and Graden professional in BC.

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Jim’s Franchisees needed for all these Metro Delta neighborhoods!

We are looking to award franchises to top-level operators in:

Townline Hill, Clearbrook, Mill Lake, South Poplar, Lower Sumas Mountain, Lower Ten Oaks, Clayburn, and McMillan.